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Some people never develop their wisdom teeth, the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth on the top and bottom. For others, wisdom teeth erupt normally and cause no problems at. For the vast majority however, there is simply not enough room to accommodate them. In such cases, wisdom tooth extraction may be required. Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth. It is a fairly common procedure, and one that Odeon Dental is pleased to offer.

Why do Wisdom Teeth need to be Extracted?

  • Inadequate Space: If there is inadequate space in the mouth that does not allow the wisdom teeth to erupt properly and become fully functional, this can result in pain, cavities, teeth crowding, and gum infections.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: If there is inadequate space that causes the wisdom teeth to develop diagonally and horizontally, they can eventually become impacted, or completely stuck, in an undesirable or potentially harmful position. Impacted wisdom teeth should not be left untreated.
What are the consequences of untreated impacted wisdom teeth?
  • Damage to nearby teeth: Second molars (the teeth directly in front of the wisdom teeth) can be adversely affected by impacted wisdom teeth, resulting in tooth decay (cavities), periodontal disease (gum disease) and possible bone loss.
  • Disease: Although uncommon, cysts and tumors can occur in the areas surrounding impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Infection: Bacteria and food can become trapped under the gum tissue, resulting in an infection. The infection can cause considerable pain and damage to the surrounding areas.
  • Tooth Crowding: It has been theorized by some dental professionals that impacted wisdom teeth can put pressure on other teeth and cause them to become misaligned (crowded or twisted).
  • Partial eruption: If a wisdom tooth only erupts partially in the mouth, this may pose a potential risk of infection between the overhanging gum tissue and the tooth itself.

How do I know if my Wisdom Teeth need to be Removed?

Your dentist will make this recommendation based on your examination and x-rays, usually around the ages of 17-22. Impacted wisdom teeth are usually removed because of the problems they are causing or because of the problems that may arise if they remain in the mouth. In many cases, damage caused by wisdom teeth is not visible on the surface. X-rays of the mouth are therefore necessary to see what is going on underneath the gum, and to determine what type of extraction is required.

You will likely need your wisdom tooth extracted if you are experiencing:
  • Pain
  • Trapping food and debris behind the wisdom tooth
  • Infection or gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • Tooth decay in a partially erupted wisdom tooth
  • Damage to a nearby bone

What is the process of having your wisdom teeth removed?

You might be scared about your wisdom teeth removal procedure, and that is completely normal. But rest assured that the use of sedation dentistry means you won’t feel any pain. You might not even remember much of the procedure. It might help if you understand the process of having your wisdom teeth removed:

  • First, your Odeon Dental dentist will start by sedating you.
  • Once the sedation has taken effect, your dentist will then numb the area with a general anesthetic where your wisdom teeth are.
  • X-Rays have likely already been taken, but your dentist might take some more at this point.
  • Once you are completely numb and the dentist has all the X-rays required, your surgery will begin. It begins by removing any gum tissue that covers the spot where your wisdom teeth are.
  • If the teeth are impacted (stuck), your dentist will make an incision in the gum tissue to gain access to the teeth.
  • The gum is then moved away with a surgical instrument, providing further access to your tooth. Your wisdom teeth may be covered in bone still. If that is the case, a handpiece will be used to remove the bone.
  • After the tooth is completely visible to your dentist, instruments will be used to loosen the tooth from any tissue in the tooth socket. Your dentist might have to cut the tooth into sections before it can be removed.
  • Once the tooth is loose and potentially cut into pieces, the dentist will remove the tooth from its socket.
  • Once your tooth is removed, your dentist may have to stitch you up.
  • You will be given instructions to follow afterward and some gauze that you can bite down on to soak up and stop any bleeding.
  • Pain medication will be suggested to help with any pain or discomfort following the procedure.

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